Steven Huh

University of Illinois English Literature
Former Head Teacher of Daewon Foreign Language High School International Class
Current Independent counselor

New SAT Essay
General Highschool writing
Application Essay

Needless to say! No.1 of Writing Classes in Korea

Hyun Jin Min

B.S./M.S. in Chemistry at Korea University

School Subject / SAT II / AP / IB Chemistry

Energetic classes that stimulate five senses!

Yun soo Park

French Literature,Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

New SAT Reading+Language
ACT Reading / English, SSAT Reading / Verbal, TOEFL Reading
AP English Language
GRE Voca + Reading

A good score for Reading section comes from the extensive vocabularies! SAT master with 15-year-long career!

Hye Young Park

B.A./M.A. in Psychology at Sung Kyun Kwan University

AP / IB Psychology
New SAT Reading+Language
General Reading / Grammar, TOEFL R/L
ACT Reading / English
SSAT Reading / Verbal

Astonishing improvement in grades through impeccable summary of‘key terms'

Jae Seon Shim

Ph.D in History at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

School Subject / SATⅡ/ AP US History
School Subject / SATⅡ/ AP World History
AP European History, AP Art History
IB History, GED

Representative lecturer of History subject. Perfect organization of history according to the eras and the incidents!

Ju Hee Lim

Graduated Daewon Foreign Language High School
B.A. in French Literature at Seoul Women’s University
M.A. in Spanish at Korea University of Foreign Studies

New SAT Reading+Language
School Subject / SATⅡ/ AP French
School Subject / SATⅡ/ AP / IB Spanish
General Reading / Grammar
TOEFL Reading / Listening, IB Korean

No. 1 of foreign language exams! Reliable Spanish and French lectures.

Sun Jeong Jung

Graduated Daewon Foreign Language High School
Chemical and Biological Engineering,Seoul National University

School Subject / SATⅡ/ AP /IB Chemistry
School Subject / New SAT Math, SATⅡ Math Ⅱ C
AP Calculus BC
IB Math

To the point and meticulous lessons!

Ha na Cho

Biological Engineering, Yonsei University

School Subject / New SAT Math, SAT Ⅱ Math Ⅱ C
AP Calculus BC / IB Math
AMC, SSAT Math, ACT Math

Systematic and thorough math lectures! Math becomes a piece of cake.

Seok Hwan Choi

B.A. in Economics at Sogang University
M.A. in Theology in Emory University
Washington University St. Louis School of Law

New SAT Reading+Language
AP Economics
Interview, Essay Preparation for Korean Universities

Back to basics! A fundamental principle gives a clue to solve the questions.

Seong Hae Choi

B.A. Physics,Sogang University

School Subject / SAT II / AP / IB Physics
School Subject / New SAT Math, SAT Ⅱ Math Ⅱ C
AP Calculus, IB Math
AP Statistics

Never give up! Attractive lecture that makes difficult subjectsexciting to learn!

Jae Young Choi

Electrical Engineering,Korea University
Electrical Engineering,UIUC

School Subject / SATⅡ Physics, AP Physics 1, 2, C / IB Physics
School Subject / New SAT Math, SATⅡ Math Ⅱ C, IB Math
AP Japanese, ACT Math / Science

Clear explanation that draws full attention. Basic concepts make solving questions easy!

Ji Young Hwang

University of British Columbia B.A. Politics
YONSEI University M.A International Relations

New SAT Reading+Language
iBTTOEFL(Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing)
AP G&P US, G&P Comparative
AP English Language and Composition / Literature
SSAT Reading / Verbal, Academic Writing
Interview Preparation for Division of International Studies of Korean Universities


Paul Choi

Cornell UniversityEconomics / Biology
M.A. in Economics -Finance at Seoul National University

School Subject / New SAT Math, SAT Ⅱ Math Ⅱ C
School Subject / SAT Ⅱ / AP US History
AP / IB Economics
New SAT Reading + Language
AP Literature + Language
SSAT(All Sections), ACT(All Sections)

exhaustive explanation in a nutshell! An amiable, versatile teacher Paul~

Ji Yeon Ahn

M.S. in Physics at EwhaWomans University
Boston College Graduate School

School Subject / SATⅡ Physics, AP Physics 1,2,C / IB Physics
School Subject / New SAT Math, SAT Ⅱ Math Ⅱ C
AP Calculus BC, IB Math, AP Statisticss

Draws the best results even for the subjects in which the students lack confidence!

Danny Kim

B.A. in Psychology at UC Irvine

New SAT Reading / Languag / Essay
Application Essay, General Writing
TOEFL(Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing)
AP / IB Psychology, AP US History

Substantial expertise that comes from the extensive experiences in Steven Academy since 2006!

Lucia Kang

Seoul National University Chemical and Biological Engineering

SAT II/ AP/ IB Biology
High School Math (Algebra I ~ Pre-Calculus)


Joe Lee

Univ of California San Diego

AP / IB Economics
AP Statistics,
SAT I Math/ SAT Ⅱ Math Ⅱ C
AP Calculus BC


Dasol Kim

Mount Holyoke College B.A. Compupter Engineering / Physics

AP/IB Calculus AB/BC
AP/IB Physics
AP Computer Science A
High School Math (Algebra I ~ Pre-Calculus)


Robert McCall

B.S /M.S in anthroplogy at UCLA

AP Literature
AP Language
General English


Anna Cook

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology

SAT Reading & Language
AP Language
AP Literature
AP Psychology


Anna Seung

Simoon Fraser U (Canada University) A bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering

AP Calculus AB/BC
IB Math HL
Subject Math


Yoo Jin Jung

University of Notre Dame Neuroscience and Behavior

SAT I Reading / Writing
AP Biology
AP Chemistry


Justine Park

Univ of Calgary Bachelor of Science

AP Calculus AB/BC
AP Physics I,II
AP Physics C (Mechanics)
AP Physics C (E&M)


Kyunghoon Han

University of Waterloo Bachelor of Math and Physics

AP Physics B/C, General math
AP Calculus AB/BC
AP Computer Science A
AP Chemistry


Yun Ji Choi

Seoul National University Bachelor of English Language and Literture

IB English, Literature
IB Extended Essay(English Literature)
iBT Toefl