The State University of New York Korea (SUNY KOREA)

SUNY Korea is housed in Songdo Global University (SGU) Campus located in Songdo, Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), which will be comprised of numerous renowned universities of the world. The universities of the Songdo Global University Campus plan to offer a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs, and provide cutting-edge, advanced education to over 10,000 students from all over the world. The Songdo Global University Campus has risen to global prominence because of its unique multi-institutional campus.

The Songdo Global University Campus boasts the state-of-art facilities designed by a highly-esteemed architect, and oversees the management and operation of those facilities.

Faculty/Student Education & Community Facilities: Academic Building. Student Residence Halls, Cafeteria

The Multi-Complex to be completed in 2012: Common Library, Sports Complex, Faculty & Guest Housing, Auditorium, and Student Center

SUNY Korea students can use the lounge, laundromat, fitness facilities and cafeteria, and are eligible for on-campus, fully furnished housing. SUNY Korea provides a safe, comfortable and clean living environment shared with other Songdo Global Universities students. There are two residence halls that can accommodate over 2,000 students, and resident supervisors and R.A. will live with the students for their assistance. The Residence hall offers many programs to help each individual student get used to independent living. The on-campus residence hall are operated with the Songdo Global University Fund. You will find more information on the Songdo Global Fund Website where you can also find each residence hall address notification.


Introducing Stony Brook University


Also known as the State University of New York, Stony Brook, Stony Brook University is one of the four research-oriented SUNY university centers. The university was founded in 1957 as the State University College on Long Island with a temporary campus at the William Robertson Coe Planting Fields estate in Oyster Bay.

In 1962, the University moved to its present campus in Stony Brook on the North Shore of Long Island, about 55 miles (89 km) east of Manhattan, when it became officially known as the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Today, the university is known and marketed as Stony Brook University.
The school has grown dramatically in enrollment and reputation over 50 years. The University consists of twelve schools and colleges, including the Graduate School, and has an enrollment of more than 24,700 students. Stony Brook University is considered a flagship campus of the SUNY system and is the second largest, in terms of enrollment, of the four SUNY university centers in the system.

Stony Brook is one of two public Universities in New York State to have both a medical school and a dental school. Stony Brook operates the Marine Sciences Research Center, New York State's only center for marine and atmospheric research, education, and public service. Since 1998, the University has co-managed Brookhaven National Laboratory under a contract from the U.S. Department of Energy. In 2002 the University established a presence in Manhattan with the opening of "Stony Brook Manhattan."

Scientific research is a hallmark at Stony Brook. In 1998, the National Science Foundation recognized Stony Brook as one of ten US universities deserving of its award for integrating research and education. Stony Brook University is a member of the prestigious Association of American University. Students of the State University of New York Korea receive the same diploma issued by SBU upon their graduation. SBU has been ranked in the top 111 public national universities in the U.S.


How to Apply


You must complete the online application in order to apply to the State University of New York Korea, and submit the following documents to the graduate school.

  • 3 Recommendation Letters
  • 2 copies of Official Transcripts
  • Official GRE Score (may be submitted after the application deadline)
  • Official English Proficiency test report from TOEFL or IELTS (may be submitted after the application deadline)
  • For other documents for the student visa (not applicable to students with Korean citizenship)

    Application Deadline


    Applicants must submit all documents by the deadlines specified below.

    2012 Spring Admission
    Regular Admission: by January 15, 2012 (# M.S. in Technological Systems Management: by February 20, 2012)
    * Late submission of the documents for the Ph.D. program may not be considered for scholarship eligibility.
    * In case of the M.S admission, delayed submission of the documents will place the student under the conditional acceptance, and the student must submit all the documents before the spring semester ends to be officially accepted.

    M.S. & Ph.D. in Computer Science: submit TOEFL, GRE score before the first day of the semester in March
    M.S. in Technological Systems Management: GRE score is waived, TOEFL score needs to be submitted before the 1st semester ends; Ph.D.: submit TOEFL, GRE score before the first day of the semester in March

    2. 2012 Fall Admission
    Regular Admission: March 31, 2012 (All documents including GRE and OEFL need to be submitted before the deadline)
    M.S. in Technological Systems Management (TSM)
    * GRE and TOEFL scores required Minimum TOEFL score is 85 or higher * Registration may be delayed for additional applicants Ph.D. in Technology, Policy, and Innovation (TPI)
    * GRE and TOEFL scores required Minimum TOEFL score is 90 or higher

    ※All date and time is based on the Korean local time.




    Tuition of the State University of New York, Korea is same as the main campus tuition in the US (non-resident outside New York). The following table indicate the tuition as of 2011. 2012 spring tuition to be updated.
    Graduate studies 1 semester US Dollar $

  • 3 units: 2,527(tuition) + 150(education fee) Total 2,677 $
  • 6 units: 5,054(tuition) + 300(education fee) Total 5,354 $
  • 9 units: 7,580(tuition) + 600(education fee) Total 8,180 $

  • Tuition and Fees are subject to change without notice, medical insurance is mandatory for international students admitted to the State University of New York, Korea


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