Opening in the Jeju International School Complex for the first time in this September, NLCS is one of the prestigious English private schools.
It carries out the teaching philology and academic curriculum of the renowned NLCS UK, and allows 12, 13th year students to prepare for IB Diploma through IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) during 10 and 11th year. Especially for the 11th year students who are newly admitted to NLCS this year, the Six Form Foundation Class provides them with a high quality curriculum so that they can prepare for the Six Form IB Diploma course that will begin next year. The school also promises the support for the integral personal education in which the students can maximize their experience and potential for their new transition through their direct participation, by planning and offering various extracurricular activities along with its outstanding academics. In addition, the students will be provided with safe, cozy housing environment along with cutting-edge school facilities.
For the students who cannot go home during weekends because of the geological characteristics of the Jeju Island, there will be various weekend programs. One of the biggest advantages of NLCS Jeju graduates is that they have broader options of choosing a college than graduates from other international schools, as the NLCS Jeju graduates can apply to both prestigious colleges in the US or UK and international admission or international department of the distinguished colleges in Korea without taking the qualification test.




One of the NLCS Jeju's biggest advantages is that the domestic students can apply through the international admission process even without the foreign nationality. Grade 10,12,13 students are not recruited in the first year of 2011, but the students who correspond to the Six Form Foundation for the next year's Six Form program may apply, who are in currently 3rd year of middle school in Korea. Those students will engage in intensive preparation for the IB program for a year. The following is the admission information for each grade.

  • Reception~4th: Application Review & English Interview
  • 5th~9th: Application Review & Cognitive Ability Test (If English is not the student's first language, the student will take additional cognitive ability test in his or her native language, which comprises of English and Math)
  • 10th~Six Form: Application Review & Cognitive Ability Test (in English) & English Essay, In-depth English Interview

    Education Curriculum for Each academic year


    All classes are taught in English and a laptop is provided to all students as a class support.

  • 7-9th Grade:
    All curriculum is based on the curriculum of NLCS UK, which is a British educational system. 7-9th year students will have high-quality classes in preparation for the IGCSE in their 10, 11th year. Korean and social studies classes are offered on Saturday.

  • 10,11th Grade:
    During these years, NLCS prepares the students for the IB program so that many students can begin the IB program in their 12th year. Through IGCSE, these students are provided with excellent platform for their advanced courses including the IB Diploma program.

  • 12, 13(Six Form):
    Aiming for all Six Form pupils to attain the IB Diploma, NLCS Jeju emphasizes learning through various school subjects, critical thinking, research skill, and creative extracurricular activities. The Six Form curriculum is the core of NLCS Jeju's education, and the reason many parents select NLCS. The Six Form pupils will participate in various extracurricular activities along with intensive subject courses. They are also offered a leadership position in a community, such as an opportunity to become a T.A. for the elementary classes or representative for fund-raising activity for young students. They can also join the student committee consisting of senior students, to lead the student association to bridge the school and the fellow students. Students can benefit from such activities as they learn the responsibility and leadership. Many art performances, team sports and many other activities also await the students.


    IB offered by the Six Form?


    The IB Diploma Programme is a qualification recognized throughout the world as an international academic qualification for college admission. Many rigorous colleges across the world recognize and prefer the students with the IB Diploma Programme as its characteristics serve as the qualification of a rigorous, all-around student with profound intellectual interest.

    This distinguished program provides the student with an excellent platform for academic success, as such students can achieve astonishing success when they get into college.
    In order to attain the IB Diploma, students must take 6 classes, 3 high-level classes and 3 standard-level classes, along with 100 hours of TOK (Theory of Knowledge) classes, and 50 hours of CAS (Creativity, Action, Service). Students also need to select one of the subjects they have studied and write the Extended Essay, which will be submitted for accreditation. The total possible score for the IB Diploma is 45. While the score of 24 or higher is qualified for the diploma, 36 or higher score is recommended for admission into rigorous colleges.


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    Keeping pace with the rapidly changing educational trend, Steven academy offers a variety of classes preparing not just for the high schools and universities in the United States and other parts of the world, but also for the domestic international schools and universities admissions. The classes are offered in various levels so that the students not only can prepare for the admission tests which include recognition evaluation, English in-depth interview, and essay, but also can keep up with the intensive classes for SAT, AP, IBT, and other school subjects.



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