The Qualification Exam in the United States


GED(General Education Development Testing Program)

The GED test is a qualification exam which can replace the high school curriculum in the United States, and consists of 5 subjects. All subject tests are multiple choices questions. The high school diploma is given to a student who passes this test.


  • 1. Reading (Literature)
  • 2. Science (Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics)
  • 3. Social Science (Economics, Geography, Civics and Government, History, Behavioral Science)
  • 4. Math
  • 5. Writing

    - Time allotted to each subject test is 75 minutes, and each state has set average scores for the 5 subjects.
    - A student can pass the test if the total average score is 45 or more.
    - Testing place: same as the TOEFL testing place.
    - Test Administration: ETS

    After passing the GED test, a student can pursue college admission by taking the TOEFL and SAT.

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