International Admission (Global Admission-English)


As the society changes rapidly, many universities in Korea join the movement of globalization. The universities are adopting ‘diversification of admissions’, ‘increasing ratio of lectures in English’, ‘transition to selection models of advanced countries', and promoting their global admission to attract outstanding students from the domestic special-purpose high school and overseas talents. Preparing for the global admission in advance will result in acceptance to the program you want.

Major Universities
  • Yonsei University - Global Leader Admission, Underwood International College Global Admission
  • Korea University - Global Talent Admission, Global KU Admission
  • Ewha Womans University - Global Admission, College of Scranton
  • Hanyang University - Global Admission
  • Sungkyungkwan University - Global Admission

  • Selection Criteria

    They are mostly same as the assessment from major universities in the US. Using the official English proficiency test (TOEFL, TOEIC) as the base, the global admissions utilize various documents to evaluate the applicants. In the 1st stage, the admission selects a certain number (3-5 times of final acceptance) of candidates and administer in-depth interview or essay test. The official English proficiency test scores and academic GPA are reviewed in the 1st stage, and the 2nd stage assesses the candidates' discourse skill through the English interview and essays.

    In most cases, high-ranking universities consider more about their own English discourse assessments, while mid-ranking universities consider more of the English proficiency test scores of the 3rd official organization than of their own assessments. Recently, other global standards such AP and SAT are rising to prominence as they are being incorporated into the admission criteria. The most unique feature of the global admissions is that both international and domestic students can apply freely, and the most universities do not require the College Scholastic Ability Test of Korea. The number of recruited students is increasing each year among the high-ranking universities, which makes up over 30% of the entire early admission.


    International College (Global Admission)


    2010 Yonsei University International College English Interview Released Question
    Passage 1
    Darius has a Kingdom consisting of Greeks & callationIndians. Greeks have a
    tradition of burning their dead fathers while callatian Indians have a tradition of
    eating their dead fathers. They asked Greeks how much money they would accept
    to eat their fathers and vice versa. The two groups said they would not stop
    fighting unless one group gives up their tradition.
    Question 1) If you were Darius what would you do? Propose 2~3 ways of solving this conflict.
    Passage 2
    What would life be without memories?
    People will be able to begin their lives anew each day not defined by their past &
    Question 1) compare & contrast.
    Passage 3
    Define historical memory. Who we are doesn't reopen past wounds. It identifies a
    nation or a group of people.
    Question 1) Do past memories heal or reopen wounds?

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