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"We train global leaders who have an altruistic character and creative knowledge." The nation's best talents academy that trains global leaders

At CheongShim International Middle/High School, we train global leaders who contribute to the human society through the Altruistic mind in education, Creative knowledge in education, and Global leadership in education (ACG Education). For the first virtue of the global leader, Altruistic mind, the integral person education is achieved through the professional leadership program at both school and dormitory. In addition, creative knowledge education is achieved through the assignment research and integrated subjects classes, and discussions that are initiated and led by the students.
CSIA is the only private academic institution in Korea that is a member of the 'Round Square', the biggest private school network in the world. CSIA strives to foster global leadership among the students through its active interaction with other prestigious educational institutions abroad such as Raffles Institution in Singapore, Pymbles Ladies College in Australia, and Kang Chiao Bilingual School in Taiwan. In 2011, 62% of the college applicants to Ivy, Ivy-plus league universities have been accepted from CSIA, and the rest of the students have been also accepted to universities such as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, LSE and UCL in United Kingdom, and many other prestigious universities abroad.

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Establishment date: September 30, 2005
Teaching Philosophy: Love for God, Love for Humanity, Love for the Nation
Teaching Mission: Cultivation of Altruistic Mind, Creative Knowledge Education, International Area Education


Admission Test Example


1. English Listening Question Example

This question example is only for your reference, and the actual 2010 CheongShim International High School Admission English Listening Questions may vary in their formats, or question types ratio. Please note that the number of questions is particularly different for this year..

PART I: Dialogue
(listen to the short talks or conversations and answer questions.)

Male Student A: "Wow! It’s 3 o’clock already and I still need to study for the test!"
Female student B: "Don’t worry! That clock is running half-an-hour fast!"

1. "Question : What does the second speaker mean?"
① The clock has run away
② All the man’s time has run away
③ The first speaker still has another half-an-hour more to study
④ The test has been postponed until later

Student A: "I can’t believe that the Professor didn’t give us any assignment! She is always expecting us to do more and more work!"
Student B: "Don’t be surprised if she posts it on the web-site without warning us!"

2. "Question : What does the second student think about the professor?"
① She is always fair to her students and will be putting the assignment on the web-site.
② She never misses an opportunity to give assignments, even if she didn’t announce it in class.
③ She won’t be giving the students any assignment
④ The student thinks she is giving them all a break

Woman: "That book is on reserve, so you can't take it out of the library. You can use it here for two hours, though. Or, you can wait until an hour before closing and check it out until the library opens at eight in the morning."
Man : "Okay. I'll come back tonight."
"Question : What does the man imply?"
① He will not use the book.
② He will use the book in the library for two hours.
③ He will reserve the book.
④ He will come back tomorrow to check out the book.
⑤ He will check the book out before closing.

Man : "Is the teacher's office in this building?"
Woman : "No. The office is on the 2nd floor in the red-brick building right next to this building."
"Question : What is true according to the dialogue?"

① The teacher's office is in this building.
② The teacher's office is on the 2nd floor in this building.
③ The teacher's office is in the building right next to this building.
④ There is no teacher's office.
⑤ The office building has only 2 floors.

Part II:Short Passage
(listen to the following talk and answer questions)

I reached Lombard’s house about half past seven. It was on the outskirts of an old-fashioned village which had become a London suburb by the building of a ring of big villas around it. The house wasn’t bad of its kind, a pseudo-Georgian edifice of red brick with stone facings, and its six acres or so of ground had been shaped into a most elaborate garden. There was a sample of everything ? miniature park, lily pond, water-garden, arbors, yards of crazy paving; and Lombard must have kept quite a large staff of gardeners, for the place was blazing with flowers and manicured to the last perfection.

5. "Question : What time did the narrator reach Lombard’s house?"
① 8:30 ② 7:30 ③ 7:00 ④ 6:30

6. "Question : Where is this part of the story set?"
① close to Georgia
② just outside London
③ near New York
④ on the island

7. "Question : What was built around the Lombard’s property?"
① a ring of big villas
② a water-garden
③ an arbor
④ a lily pond

8. "Question : In the context of this passage, "manicured" most likely means"
① all the gardening staff had their nails painted and varnished
② The house was very well maintained
③ The garden was maintained very meticulously by the staff
④ the flowers all held their secret cures for illnesses

Thank you for attending our monthly meeting. The first item on our agenda is the rock band room that we have been planning to establish in our school. One of the reasons we are here today is to vote on the best location. Would you please take a moment and fill out the ballot that you received? Please, remember that the fourth floor has been ruled out because the school library is located on that floor. The sixth floor is not appropriate either because of the seniors' reading rooms. The result will be announced in next month's school newsletter. As soon as everyone has voted, we'll move on to the second point.

9. "Question : What is the talk mainly about?"

① The best method to establish the rock band room.
② Ways to save on construction costs
③ How to improve the election process
④ The rock band room should not be located on the fourth floor.
⑤ The best location for the rock band room.

10. "Question : Why is the sixth floor not a good location for the rock band room?"

① The school library is there.
② There are not enough rooms on that floor.
③ The students' classrooms are there.
④ The seniors' reading rooms are there.
⑤ The school newsletter publishing office is there.

PART III: Long Passage and news article
(listen to the following article and answer questions)

Technology forces old laws to contort themselves in new ways. In the past, when the radio and record players were first introduced, they threatened to destroy the idea of music copyright. But lawyers struck unconventional compromises between the new media and old laws. Based on these compromises, collection agencies were newly established to collect payment for composers and performers, and the music market grew.
Recently, there has been a similar breakthrough regarding accessing books online. A group of authors and publishers sued Google for copyright infringement in 2005, blaming the world's biggest Internet company for scanning millions of books into digital form and making the text available online in short excerpts. Google said this constituted "fair use" of the copyrighted material, since only small parts of the works were accessible. However, the Association of American Publishers disagreed with the company's policy. The resulting legal fight took a long time and finally both sides reached an agreement.
On October 28th of this year, Google has finally reached a settlement with groups representing authors and publishers. Under the deal, Google will pay 125 million dollars to compensate copyright holders and it will set up a "Book Rights Registry" to pay authors and publishers for the digital use and sale of works.
People will be able to buy digital books outright, or pay to access them by the page. A small part of each book will be free to consult. Google will get 37% of the revenue and 63% will go to copyright holders. If they want, publishers and authors can get out of the program. Books no longer covered by copyright will be free online.
However, the settlement, which must still be approved in court, may encounter problems. Collection agencies often fall foul of antitrust law and require special exemptions from legislators. Likewise, Google has been granted a licence over almost all copyrighted works represented in the suit. Therefore the company will have an overwhelming advantage in online-book indexing and retrieval. This issue might pose a threat to fair competition in the near future. The agreement will apply only in America, but is likely to serve as a model for other countries. If successful, it will open up a new realm of knowledge online - and a new market.

11. "Question : What does this news report mainly talk about?"

① Cutting-edge technology can result in copyright violation.
② Google struck a deal with copyright holders to make more books available online
③ Technology always improves our daily lives because it develops new methods.
④ Google recently released newly developed software to provide books and music
⑤ Google's effort to win copyrights and its disastrous failure.

12. "Question : What is true about the agreement reached by Google and the groups representing authors and publishers?"
① Both of them decided to offer online books to online consumers without cost.
② Google will pay 125 dollars to compensate copyright holders.
③ People will have to pay even when they want to consult small parts of a book.
④ The Book Rights Registry will pay authors and publishers for the digital use of their works.
⑤ The publishers and authors cannot get out of the program even if they want to.

13. "Question : According to the speaker, why might Google face issues in the near future regarding this recent settlement?"

① Google has a vast advantage in terms of online book indexing and retrieval.
② Google has been granted a licence over only a small number of copyrighted works.
③ Google's settlement already has been approved in court.
④ Google gives an overwhelming advantage to the Association of American Publishers.
⑤ Google should pay a huge amount of compensation to the copyright holders.

(Read the following article and listen to the question)

One day in 1991, two Germans who were climbing a mountain found the body of a man lying on the ice. Usually, ice does not melt at the height of 3,200 meters, but 1991 had been an especially warm year. The mountain ice had melted more than usual and so the body had come to the surface.
With modern dating techniques, scientists soon learned that the Iceman was about 5,300 years old. He was born in about 3,300 B.C., and he lived during the European Bronze Age. At first scientists thought he was probably a hunter who had died from an accident in the high mountains. However, more recent evidence tells a different story. A new kind of X-ray shows an arrowhead still stuck in his shoulder. It left only a tiny hole in his skin, but it caused internal damage and bleeding. He almost certainly died from this wound, and not from a wound on the back of his head. This means that he was probably in some kind of a battle. By studying his clothes and tools, scientists have already learned a great deal from the Iceman about the times he lived in. We may never know the full story of how he died, but he has given us important clues to the history of those distant times.

14. "Question : What is the main topic of the story?"

① "A frozen body found in the mountains."
② "History of the ancient times."
③ "Many theories surrounding a man's death"
④ "Mountaintop discoveries."
⑤ "How people lived in the distant past."

15. "Question : After examining the body, the scientists concluded that the Iceman was"

① "a German soldier"
② "a few centuries old"
③ "over 5,000 years old "
④ "from the Bronx in Europe"
⑤ "killed by the wound on the back of his head"

President Vladimir Putin of Russia had a summit meeting of five Caspian Sea countries in Iran on Tuesday. At the summit meeting, he said that any use of military force in the Caspian region was unacceptable. And in a declaration, the countries agreed that none of them would allow their territories to be used as a base for launching military strikes against any of the others.
"We should not even think of using force in this region," Putin said. The Russian president’s comments and the declaration come at a time when France and the United States have refused to rule out military action to halt the Iranian nuclear program. France and the US say that the Iranian nuclear program is focused on nuclear weapons. Iran says, however, its program is for peaceful purposes.
Putin arrived in Tehran Tuesday for strategic meetings with Iran and leaders from three other nearby Caspian Sea nations that have rich oil and gas resources, promising to use dialogue to try to resolve the international debate over Iran’s nuclear program.
Russia has obstructed a third set of UN sanctions against Iran that are intended to persuade the country to stop enrichment activities. Western nations say that they fear it could lead to the development of nuclear weapons. Iran insists it wants to use its nuclear program for conventional purposes only.

16. "Question :What is the main idea in this part of the article?"
① Russia wants to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons through a third set of UN sanctions rather than using military force
② Russia wanted to make a joint declaration with the five Caspian Sea countries to persuade Iran to stop enrichment activities
③ Russia sought an agreement from the five Caspian Sea countries not to use military force in the region, and not to allow their countries to be used by other nations for launching military strikes
④ Russia promised to resolve the international debate by any means possible

17. "Question : The person that the article focuses on holds what position?
① Prime Minister of Russia
② President of Russia
③ UN Ambassador for Russia
④ Summit President of the Caspian Sea Region

18. "Question : The place that these meetings were held was:
① At a sea resort on the Caspian Sea
② In Russia
③ In Iran
④ France


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