For its first new students, 260 students in total have been accepted from kindergarten to 7th Grade.
For the students applying for kindergarten to Grade 2, their English proficiency was assessed through group activities such as playing games, and the students applying for Grade 3 and above were selected through an English test with 3 sections, reading-writing-verbal skill, and math test. Chadwick International maintains the total number of the students within 2100, which consists of the kindergarten (1 year), elementary school (5 years), middle school (3 years) and high school (4 years) course. One feature that distinguishes Songdo International School from other international schools is that domestic students can also apply for its admission.
while most international schools requires its applicants to have 3 years or more of living abroad experience, or resident status in foreign countries. The teaching philosophy of Songdo International School focuses on fostering a “warm hearted leader,” and all curriculum is carried out accordingly so that the students can enjoy its systematic and creative classes. The students can also apply to domestic colleges as Songdo International School is accredited as a domestic high school.
Currently there are about 470 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8, and Songdo International School plans to increase its students to about 670 from Pre-K to Grade 9. AP Test in May of 2010, 126 students took 16 subjects, 207 AP tests. 91% of the students attained a score of 3 or higher, and 72% of them attained 4 or higher.


Grade/Age Eligibility Chart


  • Sep. 1, 2007 - Aug. 31, 2008 Pre-K
  • Sep. 1, 2006 - Aug. 31, 2007 Pre-K
  • Sep. 1, 2005 - Aug. 31, 2006 Grade 1
  • Sep. 1, 2004 - Aug. 31, 2005 Grade 2
  • Sep. 1, 2003 - Aug. 31, 2004 Grade 3
  • Sep. 1, 2002 - Aug. 31, 2003 Grade 4
  • Sep. 1, 2001 - Aug. 31, 2002 Grade 5
  • Sep. 1, 2000 - Aug. 31, 2001 Grade 6
  • Sep. 1, 1999 - Aug. 31, 2001 Grade 7
  • Sep. 1, 1998 - Aug. 31, 2000 Grade 8
  • Sep. 1, 1997 - Aug. 31, 1999 Grade 9

    Admission Application Process


  • Online Application

  • Submission of Required Documents
    - Pre K: A copy of the applicant and parents' passport 1st page, a copy of resident registration or alien registration (translation, notary not required), a completed form for the foreign passport holder (If applicable)
    - Kindergarten, 1st grade:
    A sealed school transcript or record(record of the current grade and past two year), a recommendation letter from the student's homeroom teacher, a copy of the applicant and parent's passport 1st page, a copy of resident registration or alien registration (translation, notary not required), a completed form for the foreign passport holder (If applicable)
    - 2nd ~ Grade 9:
    Sealed school official transcript or records (records of the current grade and last 2 years), the most recent Standardized Test Result or official English language test result (if applicable), recommendation letter from the class teacher, first page of the applicant's and the parents' passports, copy of the Resident Registration or Alien Registration Card (translation, notary not required), completed form for the foreign passport holder (if applicable), student Q&A form

  • Application Review

  • Admission Test, Group Activity Evaluation.
    The test schedule will be sent to the parents' email address indicated on the online application.)

  • Announcement of the Accepted Applicants

  • • Official Registration


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